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Thank you to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for helping us make these ideas available to a national audience, for their continued interest in the Boston Strategy to Prevent Youth Violence, and especially for their interest in helping save childrens' lives.

This Website is dedicated to all those who dedicate themselves to saving kids’ lives by giving them hope and support for a positive future.

Thank you to the many people and organizations who allowed us into their lives and workplaces so that we could more fully explore the story of the Boston Strategy. Except as noted, the information in this website is based on interviews with the people mentioned in the Resources section as well as information provided by their organization through publications and websites. When possible, material was used in as complete a form as possible from the original source.

Special thanks go to James Jordan, Director of Strategic Planning and Resource Development, Boston Police Department, for his assistance in coordinating the project.

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Under a grant from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, this website was conceived, researched and produced by The Mediawrights Corporation, Cambridge, MA. Please contact us via email at charper@bostonstrategy.com

Website Development
Website development, design, implementation and management by Sasnet Design, Los Angeles. info@sasnet.com

Website Art Direction
Ashley Hall, ashleywhall@hotmail.com

Website Hosting
Join Together , a project of the Boston University School of Public Health, is a national resource for communities working to reduce substance abuse and gun violence. http://www.jointogether.org/

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