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How to use Adobe Acrobat

A Word about Adobe Acrobat .PDF Files:

PDFAdobe Acrobat files (.PDF) are cross-platfrom compatible, which means they can be viewed on either Mac or Windows computers. An Acrobat file can be viewed online from your browser, or downloaded to your computer and viewed through your browser or the Adobe Acrobat Reader program. Either way through your browser or Adobe's Acrobat Reader, you can print a hard copy of the file on your printer.

Get AcrobatIn order to view an Adobe Acrobat file, you must either have the Adobe Acrobat Reader program or the Adobe Acrobat Reader browser plug-in on your hard drive. Both are available FREE for download online at Adobe's website. If you don't have these, please finish reading this page, perhaps print out a copy and then go to Adobe's website, download the FREE programs, install and come back.

How To Read Adobe Acrobat .PDF Files Online:

Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader browser plug-in from Adobe's website and install it. The installer will put the plug-in in your browser's plug-in folder (directory).

From your browser go to the webpage that has the Acrobat .PDF file you want to view and click the link to that .PDF file. If you're plug-in is installed properly, the file will appear in your browser window just like a webpage. If not, please go back to Adobe's website and read their help pages on downloading, installing and view with their Acrobat software.

How to Download .PDF Files to Your Computer:

With Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer:

Click on the link to the PDF file that you want to read. If you have both the Adobe Acrobat Reader program and plug-in installed your browser will most likely default to displaying the file online. In order to download it and not view it online:

Macintosh: hold down the Option key and click on the download link.

Windows: Right-click the download link and choose: "Save Target/Link As... "

Before the download, you may be asked to pick an application to open the file or to save the file to disk. Choose: Save File To Disc

This should force your browsers to download the file to your hard disk instead of viewing the file on on the our computer. Be sure to note where you download the file to on your computer so that you can find later for reading and printing.

Reading an Adobe Acrobat File on Your Computer:

Saving the file to your hard disc places a copy of the file on your computer so you can read and print the file when you like. If you save the file to disc, be sure to keep the .pdf extension so that when you launch the file from your computer it will open it with the Adobe Acrobat Reader program.

NOTE: If you already have Adobe Acrobat Reader you may want to download the latest version from
Adobe's website.

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