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The following are downloadable PDF files (portable document format) from various individuals or organizations focusing on the specific elements of the Boston Strategy to Prevent Youth Violence with which they were involved.

These include a selection of materials describing various aspects of the Boston Strategy by some of the individuals involved. They are the work of those individuals and are provided voluntarily by them for distribution on this site. They include:

Documents Referenced in this Site:

  • The Story - The Boston Strategy - A Story of Unlikely Alliances, by Bettye H. Pruitt

  • The Programs - described in the Programs section of this site

  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Pub Index - Sorted alphabeticaly by publication

  • Pub Index - Sorted by date of publication

  • Op Ed - Boston Can Lead The Nation in Saving High-Risk Youths, by Rev. Eugene Rivers, Boston Globe

  • Editorial - Unity Against Crime, Boston Globe

  • Intervale flyer - Community flyer / poster

  • Bowdoin flyer - Community flyer / poster

US Department of Justice
Unless otherwise noted, the following links are downloadable pdfs from the USDOJ website focusing on the Boston Strategy to Prevent Youth Violence.

Youth Violence: A Community-Based Response -- One City's Success Story September 1996, pamphlet with an introduction by Janet Reno.

USDOJ Office of Justice Programs
National Institute of Justice Research Preview, March, 1997, Crime Prevention

USDOJ National Institute of Justice Journal
Issue #236, June 1998 Author: David Kennedy
Article, "Pulling Levers: Getting Deterrence Right," looks at Boston’s Operation Cease Fire, a two-pronged intervention strategy developed to come to grips with the city’s youth homicide problem.

USDOJ Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
Anti-Gang and Youth Violence Strategy Resources:

USDOJ Federal Bureau of Investigation Library, Law Enforcement Bulletin

"Boston's Operation Night Light: New Roles, New Rules," Author: James Jordan, Director of Strategic Planning and Resource Development, Boston Police Department

USDOJ Office of Community Oriented Policing Services

"On the Beat" Newsletter, Fall 1999, No. 14
"What Works-Preventing Gang Violence," p.3

To Search the USDOJ Website:

Department of the Treasury, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
The Youth Crime Gun Interdiction Initiative, February 1999
Crime Gun Trace Analysis Report: The Illegal Youth Firearms Market in 27 Communities

Crime Gun Trace Analysis Report: The Illegal Youth Firearms Market in Boston, MA

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